Degree of Success is often predicated on direct … and indirect return from all of your efforts, expense and risk.

Referring a Commercial Real Estate opportunity will provide, with very little effort, an income increase that may have otherwise been lost.

Referring Agent Portal

Your name or team name is out in the market place….you are emailing…calling…sending out direct mail…driving internet marketing campaigns….meeting with clients and potential clients …..managing teams…..WORKING to provide as many income opportunities as possible that fit your business model. 

Commercial Real Estate may not fit your model or may not be within your expertise. However, it is potential income that could be derived from exposure to the market place you’ve created…..and paid for.

Referral Program

Referring a piece of CRE business may increase your income stream with only the effort and time taken to make a call, provide some preliminary information and or sign a referral agreement …. there is no disbursement expense in any of these.

If you have questions about a piece of CRE that you are considering taking on, feel free to contact us. Or if you would like to refer a CRE Client, please contact us to discuss and or receive a Referral Program Outline, a Client Profile Questionnaire and or a Referral Agreement.