At TWG we understand that providing real estate services facilitating strategy elements from acquisition to disposition or full absorption … is integral to Client Return.

Leveraging our established partnerships with RE/MAX Residential Experts throughout Northern New Jersey is an exceptional layer of “Client Benefit”… complimenting and completing our offered “Service Bundle”.

Eliminate Vacancy and Catalyze Absorption Rates.

RE/MAX Residential Partners

The RE/MAX brand is the most recognized and trusted real estate brand in the world. “No one sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”

Remax Residential Agents are the most knowledgeable and driven agents in the state of New Jersey….indeed in the industry. The unique entrepreneurial platform of Remax, not only fosters great agents but great sales and marketing “business managers”. Their professionalism and fiduciary commitment….cannot be matched.

To facilitate highest, best and most expedient sale or lease of your residential components TWG administrates partnerships with one or more expert residential agents or teams at each of the fifteen Remax Select offices in Northern New Jersey.

Please contact Jim Walters with any preliminary questions you may have and or to discuss our representation of your current and future residential sale or lease interests.