We believe….a Buyer BECOMES “the right buyer” by having a clear and Enhanced Perception of Value… driven by Pricing Accuracy, Added Value Delineation, Exceptional Property Presentation and Best Timing Sale Offering.

We know….that diligent Transaction Management converts “right buyer” interest and Seller intent …….. to a CLOSING!

We bring our Seller Client every element of Value at closing!

Property Brokerage

Properly managing the timing, interaction and nuances associated with each “department” puts and keeps our Client in control of intent.

Selling a property is a “business” with distinct, overlapping and complementary departments:

  • Current and Future Valuation
  • Tax Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Capital Improvement Strategy and Management
  • Enviro Contamination Disvalue Mitigation
  • Sale Offering Marketing
  • Property Presentation and Showings
  • Buyer Vetting
  • LOI Generating and Negotiation
  • Contract Review
  • Driving from Effective Date to the Closing Table

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Property Brokerage Services
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Maximum Selling Price is garnered by knowing ASSET VALUE(S) and is driven by insatiable management of detail within the Two Primary Transaction Phases.

Our Proprietary Valuation Process will provide supported Quantifiable Value but an asset also has a less tangible ….. Perception of Value ….. driven by a comprehensively distributed and exceptionally produced Marketing Campaign.

Valuation Process

The Marketing Phase begins at Seller Client execution of a Listing Agreement….and ends when a Contract of Sale is fully executed. Marketing components are extensive and fully customized:

  • Full Memorandum
    • Professional Drone photos and or Video
    • Architectural Elevations and site plans (For Development Candidates)
    • Full I and E spreads through the potential Use Range showing Current and Future Values and how they are affected/increased with highest and best Added Value Strategies
    • Aged Return Analysis Scenarios done in narrative or XL formats
      • IRR
      • Net Present Value
      • Cash on Cash
      • Current and Future Value Cap Rate Valuations
    • GPS Mapped property location
    • Area demographics
    • Identification of current and future off premise Value Drivers
  • Highlight Sheets (Synopsized version of a Memorandum)
  • Email Blasts
    • To over 6,000 Investors/Investor Groups in current data base
    • To CRE Practitioners in the region or nationally
  • Comprehensive presence in CRE Listing sites
  • For Sale Sign
  • Regional direct mail
  • Target Market newspaper advertising
  • Press releases in multiple CRE publications/sites
  • Tele-market to the database and appropriate targets

Transaction Management Expertise does not come from a book…..
but from decades of being “on the street”.

Transaction Management Expertise

The Closing Phase begins when a Contract of Sale is fully Executed….and ends when all closing funds have been distributed and irrevocably received.

Getting from Effective Date to the closing table can be a lengthy and challenging process. Every Contract has a unique set of contingency time lines and provisions. It is not infrequent when seller and or buyer intent and motivation levels evolve as the process progresses….and known external forces can change or new, unanticipated forces can arise.

Our Transaction Management Strategy is tailored to each unique Transaction but has common elements:

  • Distribute time line schedule and provision synopsis
  • Drive adherence to contingency time lines and contract provisions.
  • Manage Enviro Contingency Compliance (if applicable)
  • Assist in and drive Development Application (if applicable)
  • Anticipate hurdles and provide solutions
  • Provide Amendment Advisement where/when needed.
  • Retain “other buyer” backup

Properly managing the Closing Phase can mean the difference between closing….. and an expensive Contract Breakdown.

REMAX Commercial

RE/MAX Commercial, part of the world’s most productive and recognized real estate networks, is a true leader in the commercial and investment arenas. Our affiliation with Re/Max Commercial leverages powerful branding, corporate support and Global Reach …..…. bringing additional layers of benefit to our clients.

$13 Billion in Commercial Real Estate Volume for 2023

25,000 + Transactions for 2023

3,000 RE/MAX Commercial Practitioners Worldwide

550 Commercial Offices and Divisions Worldwide

REMAX Select

The RE/MAX brand is the most recognized and trusted real estate brand in the world. “No one sells more real estate than RE/MAX.”

Our RE/MAX Residential Partners, with 15 offices throughout Northern NJ,  are the most knowledgeable and driven agents in the state of New Jersey … indeed, in the industry.

Please contact Jim Walters with any preliminary questions you may have and or to discuss how we can facilitate timely absorption of your current or upcoming residential components.

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