TWG can make the difference!

You may own real estate but not be in the real estate business…or you may be looking to increase your real estate presence.

The knowledge base within Commercial Real Estate specialization is extensive and takes years of “on street” and formal training to compile. The “best application” of that knowledge takes decades to perfect.

We understand that a real estate goal and or how a goal may be achieved is not always clear. We can assist by outlining the “benefit bundles” of multiple directions…and implement some or all elements of the chosen Strategic Direction.

You are in control of the Value of your Asset(s)!

Institutional and Private Advisory

Performed on a retained consultative basis.


We can answer your questions and provide Strategic Direction that will Enhance Value, Return and Management Efficiency:

  • Land Use
  • Site/Portfolio Valuation
  • NOI increase through Income and Expense Perfection
  • Value increase through Capital Improvement
  • Value Increase through Tenant repositioning
  • Value Increase through Use change and or extension
  • Value Increase through Development
  • Demand/Absorption Rate Analysis and Forecast
  • Contamination Remediation Management Analysis