Environmental Remediation Management is truly a business within a business.

Developing, implementing and navigating a Remediation Strategy is critical to knowing the Current and Future Value of a property and raises the cloud on the timing of and expensing for a partial or complete remediation.

Environmental Management Services

Performed for Seller Clients and on a retained consultative basis.

Growing money

Knowing how to navigate the expense and dynamics of State and Federally mandated regulation is integral to Current and Future Value. We can advise and manage a best result remediation/mitigation plan and answer some questions you may have.

Does the chemical makeup of contamination within the defined perimeters of the contamination have the same chemical makeup of our/the “source”?

Is the ground water contamination being extracted offsite that is attributed to my source the same as from my “source”?

When I hire a firm is it prudent to have the same company that does the sampling extraction manage the analysis of the extraction?

Has a Phase 1 and or 2 been done for all elements of the asset?

Is it less expensive, short and or long term, to do a soil removal, a chemical intrusion or a longer term engineered well remediation?

What is the Property Value Differential between a clean site…..with current level of contamination……or with a mitigated level of contamination?

Is our strategy to obtain an RAO or Sufficient Use Tolerance appropriate?

Why is my process taking so long and costing so much?