“Presentation is Everything!”

Mitigating or eliminating a visually unappealing, poorly functioning or Functionally Obsolete element(s) of a structure or site has extremely high returns, increases selling price, expedites the selling process …and drives Buyer Motivation Retention.

Eliminating Value Carcinogens … strengthens every element of Asset Ownership!

Disposition Preparation

Performed for Seller Clients and on a retained consultative basis.

A Value Increase from Capital Improvement can be exponentially greater than the cost of the improvement. The Preparation Process is departmentalized with a proposed chronology:

  • Define all areas of Functional Obsolescence and areas of needed improvement that have historically high returns.
  • Summarize all elements of capital improvement and provide a Schedule Outline
  • Estimate and support returns on Capital Improvement Strategy(s)
  • Manage all aspects of an Improvement or Development Strategy including but not limited to:
    • Environmental Contamination Disvalue Mitigation and or Remediation Management
    • Coordinate attorney, architect, engineer and needed “experts”
    • Contractor Proposal Analysis and negotiation
    • Manage GC or labor
    • Pre-list and market sale or lease of commercial and residential components
      (See Re/Max Residential Partners)

Garnering maximum sale price is predicated on how well an asset presents!

Disposition Preparation