Appraisal Value is not Actual Value

appraisal value

You may be considering selling a holding….or of refinancing one. For most, the next step will be…get an appraisal. After all, how can a seller or a lender know what the Value is without one? But wait….there is an inherent problem…An appraisal is not the True or Actual Value of a property. We all know […]

Policies Matter

policies matter

So we have an inauguration coming in a few days…and just when you thought you were figuring it out. With every administration change, comes a new set of policies and within these…. a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Policy changes can have a big impact on real estate Values .These are some of […]

Selling Privately

New Jersey City Skyline

Selling a property privately, or without real estate Brokerage Representation, is a tempting prospect. Whether you are, or are not considering selling an asset now, the question as to which course to take will come up at some point during ownership…”should I sell my asset(s) with or without Broker Representation?” Conventionally, an asset is acquired […]