Seller Financing … For the important pieces of life … without compromising income.

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Investment Banks and other lender categories are generally wealthy for good reason. The interest income they garner from a loan, if securitized and structured properly, is an almost risk-free example of true “passive income”. Why should lenders make this money when the income is a available to a property seller? One of the first questions […]

Selling Privately

New Jersey City Skyline

Selling a property privately, or without real estate Brokerage Representation, is a tempting prospect. Whether you are, or are not considering selling an asset now, the question as to which course to take will come up at some point during ownership…”should I sell my asset(s) with or without Broker Representation?” Conventionally, an asset is acquired […]

What is the difference between a Development Feasibility and a Development Feasibility Valuation?

development dollars

The Development Feasibility Valuation (DFV) process can be performed on any asset use type, size or location. It applies to Partial Development (where some or all of existing structure(s) are retained), Ground Up Development and Assembled Ground Up Development. A DFV has two primary, very different, yet complimentary elements… The Development Feasibility… and The Valuation. […]

When you need a break from RE

Rice Balls

From Palermo Sicily: Rice Ball (Arancini) Being successful in the RE forum requires an exceptional commitment. We all know …a little break will avoid burn out and retain high productivity levels. For many … a trip to a white sand beach with attentive servers is ideal. For others … a 4 to 6 hour project […]

Property Presentation is Everything

environmental status of property presentation

When I was a younger man I was the President/Owner of a couple fashion companies in NYC … a Ladies Designer to Couture clothing manufacturer and a Designer jewelry manufacturing firm. There were many lessons learned in one of the most competitive and dynamic industries on the planet … but one in particular has served […]

The Power of Assemblage

Bloom Ave Assemblage

If you’ve been in the commercial real estate forum for any length of time you are familiar with the term “assemblage”. To synopsize….it is the combining of multiple lots under one ownership. We believe the Assemblage is one of the most potent return drivers of any tool in the Added Value arsenal. There are two […]

Appraisal Value is not Actual Value

appraisal value

You may be considering selling a holding….or of refinancing one. For most, the next step will be…get an appraisal. After all, how can a seller or a lender know what the Value is without one? But wait….there is an inherent problem…An appraisal is not the True or Actual Value of a property. We all know […]

Policies Matter

policies matter

So we have an inauguration coming in a few days…and just when you thought you were figuring it out. With every administration change, comes a new set of policies and within these…. a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Policy changes can have a big impact on real estate Values .These are some of […]