The Walters Group has been providing Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Advisory and Valuation Services in New Jersey for over 25 years.

Our Directive for Seller Clients is to garner at closing … Current Value … plus … a percentage of the difference between Current Value and revealed/ supported Highest Future Values. (Property Valuation and Development Feasibility Valuation pages within this site will provide a full explanation of how this is done.)

Our Directive for Buyer Client is to identify, monetize and drive to and from the closing table … Added Value Opportunity!

Our Advisory Services leverages a diverse suite of complementary CRE competencies … defining and implementing Strategic Direction in pursuit of your Investment and Development Goals!

“Pursuit of your highest degree of success is the foundation of our Fiduciary!”


The Walters Group is a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage … offering Advisory, unparalleled Valuation and Development Feasibility Valuation Services.

Our success and Client Fiduciary is driven by identifying, fully supporting and … garnering Highest Value … using timely and precise execution of a suite of detailed and complimentary competencies.


… to sell an Asset for Highest Value?

… to increase the Value of an Asset?

… for a comprehensive Valuation?

… for a Development Feasibility Valuation?

… to know the Highest Future Value of an acquisition candidate?

Property Brokerage

Degree of success of an Asset Sale is predicated on Pricing Accuracy, Marketing Expertise and tireless Transaction Management
Businessman using tablet to the situation on the market value for property brokerage.

Property Valuation

BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR RETURN … by knowing Current Value … and how it can be increased … by knowing available Future Values.

Development Feasibility

This specialized element of our “Service Bundle” will reveal, define and fully support … “Highest Use Value” for your Asset(s).

Institutional & Private Advisory

You may own real estate but not be in the real estate business … or you may be looking to increase your real estate presence.

Acquisition Search

Investor, Manager and or Developer degree of success is predicated on timely flow of the right real estate product.

NOI Perfection

“Income is King”. Even a minute NOI Increase can substantially change the Equity Complexion of an Asset or Portfolio.

Disposition Preparation

”Presentation is Everything!” Mitigating or eliminating Functional Obsolescence drives Value and Buyer Motivation Retention.

Disposition Preparation

Environmental Services

Knowing how to navigate the expense and dynamics of mandated regulation is integral to Current and Future Value.

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